Tuesday, November 3, 2009

New Marketing Efforts for UMM

Hi Friends,

My job is really fun right now...I mean, really fun. How often do you hear a person say that?

I enjoy new projects, new ideas and new creative opportunities. The Board and Staff at the GCUMM is giving me the support and encourage to think big and initiate change in terms of our current marketing efforts.

What will this look like in 2010? Well, the first new thing you will notice is a completely updated website and logo. Also, UMM will have new print pieces, a new presence in social media, and new videos that clearly tell the amazing story of this ministry.

United Methodist Men is making a difference in the lives of men, youth, churches and families. There are INCREDIBLE stories to tell and people to engage in these efforts. I feel so lucky that God, in His divine planning, put me in this place at this time. It is a gift for me to come alongside such a great group of people and tell the story of United Methodist Men in a new way.

God is good, and He has certainly blessed me.

Check out our new website in January.

Blessings to you this week,