Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Strength for Service

Hi everyone!

I know, I know...I said I would blog weekly and I have not lived up to my promise. I have been going in a million different directions, but plan to be committed to this blog in 2010!

I wanted to mention one of the ministries of United Methodist Men. It is called Strength for Service.

Over a million Strength for Service books were distributed during WWII and the Korean conflict before it went out of print. Fifty years later, a young man named Evan Hunsberger was inspired by his grandfather's worn copy and began working to republish the book as his Eagle Scout project.

With a few editorial changes and some additional contributions, Strength for Service, was released in 2002. To date, it has been distributed to over 400,000 people of all denominations. The General Commission on United Methodist Men works on the distribution and fundraising for this worthy project.

The Commission is constantly receiving letters and emails of appreciation from Chaplains and others from around the world. One such note is posted below:

"I work with basic training soldiers-as well as drill sergeants and some other soldiers. I get many requets for religious reading material-especially since the basic training soldiers aren't allowed to read other materials-so this book really helps. It is a great durable book that can go anywhere with them. Thank you for this ministry you provide our soldiers. It is a real blessing, and can certainly have eternal value! May God bless each of you involved with the Strength for Service project."

-Chaplain (Captain) Doug Hoover

2-10 Infantry Battalion

Fort Leonard Wood, Mo.

As always, let's remember those who are serving our country so bravely!